Canva vs Photoshop – Which One Is Best For Beginners ?

Have you carried out a question in your head that between Canva vs Photoshop which one you should pick? Then you just browse the right content. We are going to show you the convenience & inconvenience between Canva vs Photoshop and which one is appropriate for different kinds of users.


Canva vs photoshop


At a glance – Canva vs Photoshop

Both canva and Photoshop are mostly used graphic design software.  Canva comes into the market with lots of new features and ready-made templates as compared to Photoshop. The person who has little knowledge about graphics design can create  his\her own design with a blink of an eye by using Canva. On the other hand, the person who has the passion to go into the deep ocean of designing skills will generally use Photoshop.  In this regard, people who are new in the graphics design sector become confused about whether to go for canva or photoshop. That’s why one needs to understand properly the ground of battle between Canva vs Photoshop.



Canva creates a new dimension in the field of graphic design. Canva starts its journey using a different path from the typical designing software. That’s why Canva has 30 million active users per month from 190 different countries.  Let’s look at some core features of canva.


Features of canva

Drag and drop feature: The feature that makes this software popular amongst the user is the drop and down feature. A user just needs to select the templates, font &design and drop that down to the editing box. This time-saving feature makes Canva useful to the users.

Ready-made templates: This is the most unique feature of Canva. More than 400k premium quality templates are there for the users. These templates make designing easy and quick. All the user need is to edit the templates as his/her sweet will.

Photo Editing: Canva provides lots of tools and templates for photo editing. In another word, it gives a new dimension to photo editing. Some of these are:


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✔️ Photo straightener

✔️ Speech bubble maker

✔️ Image transparency tool

✔️ Photo Enhancer

✔️ 8000+ Templates

✔️ Photo vignette

✔️ Design grid

✔️ Photo frames and many more


Social Media Post Creation: In the field of digital marketing, social media marketing is the most popular way for business owners. Because here one can easily find a targeted audience on social media. Owners spend a big amount of money to create social media posts and ads design. But you can easily create all of these things with canva.

Background Remover: The most surprising feature of the canva is background remover. This feature will totally blow your mind, after using background remover you will be shocked. When you will remove the background of any photo it will give you a detailed background removed subject. Without huge knowledge of graphic design, you will be unable to do this by photoshop. In canva, just select “Background Remover” and see the magical power of canva.

Resume: Canva brings an iconic change in Resume Writing. You can easily make your Resume by using any of the 1400+ temples. It will save money as well as time also.

Numerous types of graphic design can be created by canva.

Most popular :

🔳 Social media post

🔳 Flyer design

🔳 Logo design

🔳 Posters design

🔳 Banners and planners

🔳 Social media ads

🔳 Youtube thumbnails

🔳 Youtube intro and outro

🔳 Invitation card

🔳 Newsletter


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Photoshop is one of the most commonly used software in the graphic design arena. Over the years it has been developed as a prime tool of the designing sector. Without so much experience or knowledge, you can not do anything with Adobe Photoshop. After completing any graphic design training then you will be efficient to create a design. Also, you can watch tutorials on YouTube.

Features of Photoshop

Layers: The tool that added a new aspect in designing the arena is Layers. Layers give s almost free hand to the user to anything with his photo. photoshop gives that opportunity to the user.

Shapes: there are numerous types of shapes that are there for the user of photoshop. It gives ease to the user.

As Usual designers use photoshop to create :

🔳 Flayers

🔳 Mockups

🔳 Logo design

🔳 Infographics

🔳 Banners

🔳 Cards and so on


Special Characteristics of  Canva and  Photoshop:

When we are in a competition of  Canva vs Photoshop, we should know some special characteristics of both Canva and Photoshop.  Characteristics that make these two software popular.

Special Characteristics of  Canva

Simplicity: Simplicity is the biggest advantage of this software. A person with zero graphic skill can make a design easily by using canva.

Easy to use:  As Canva is very simple in character, Its interface is beginner-friendly and it is very easy to create a design.

Quick:  This software is a time saver. he who needs to do an urgent assignment can easily do this by using Canva as it provides thousands of ready-made temples.


Special Characteristics of Photoshop

Vastness: Photoshop gives the users a free hand to do anything with their design by providing thousands of features. Users can fully customize their design, Blending feature is available in photoshop which is missing in canva.

Adaptability: In any kind of situation photoshop provides the solution to the customers. From 1990 they are successfully serving their happy customers. Any design or any customization possible in Adobe Photoshop. Professional designers also use Adobe Lightroom, Indesign, premiere pro.

Quality: If anyone wants to be the master of design and graphics then adobe photoshop gives them that opportunity with its quality. Photoshop can maintain world-class designs.

Comparison between canva and photoshop on different  grounds

In a battle between Canva VS photoshop, these two are very close competitors. Although both of them come into this sector with different targeted users, now their rivalry becomes hot cake to the graphic design sector. Now let’s see some differences between these two software on various grounds.


Ease of use: On this ground of difference between canva vs photoshop one can easily say that Canva is the winner.  400k+Ready made templets and the features of this software make things very much easy for the users. That’s why 30milion+ people use Canva every month.

On the other hand, photoshop is complex in comparison to Canva. One needs to learn how to use the features of photoshop by tutorial or class. To learn how to use the features of photoshop one needs to spend a lot of time even years and a lot of money also.

Availability of features: Comparison between Canva Vs Photoshop on the ground of availability of features is mere fiction.Because Photoshop has the upper hand here with a big margin. Photoshop is the powerhouse of features for graphics design. As I already mentioned some of the features of photoshop in the previous stage, there is no need to describes that again. Things I have to tell you is that although photoshop provides a vast number of features, users who are using photoshop for three or four years hardly find any opportunity to use 20% of the features.

Speed: Though Canva is an online-based software so the speed of work in canva depends on internet connection. If your internet speed is good, You will be able to make a design within minutes but In photoshop speed of work depends on the hardware, Ram, and the graphics card of your PC.

Company Size:  There is a simple reason to differentiate canva and photoshop on the ground of the user’s company size. the reason is Canva is appropriate for all kinds of users like 1. Small business 2. Large enterprises 3. Medium business 4. Freelancers. Canva gives a great opportunity to freelancers to do their assignments with ease.

On the other hand, Photoshop is the right choice for – 1. Small business. 2.Large business and 3. Freelancers. 4. enterprises


In the competition between Canva vs photoshop pricing is a common ground. Let’s see how about the pricing of both this software:

Canva has a  free lifetime version lifetime. Apart from this Canva pro charges $9.99 / month. You also can use Canva pro free trial version for 1 month.

Photoshop charges more than canva .you need to pay $20.99/ month. There is also a complete plan of Adobe, You have to pay $52.99/ month.


Plans Period and Pricing PLans Period and Pricing
Free Version Lifetime Free Version
Trial Version 30 days Trial Version 7 days
Canva Pro $9.99/ month Photoshop $20.99/ month
Enterprise $150.00/ month Photoshop + Lightroom $19.99/ month
All Apps $52.99/ month

Identifying the suitability of the users in between Canva and photoshop:

Now time to identify which one is better for the users. we can’t abruptly say that this one is better. it depends on the user’s need and graphics design capability. Here are some factors that will determine in competition between Canva vs photoshop which one the user should choose.

user’s desire to create a unique design

user’s knowledge about graphic design.

User’s passion for graphic design

User’s needs in this arena.

User’s Company size.

User’s willingness to learn.

These things you need to ask yourself before you choose one of them in comparison between Canva vs Photoshop.


Verdict: Which one you should pick

In simple language, if you are new in the graphic design world and have no skills at all then Canva will be your best solution. likewise, if you have a passion to learn graphic design and be a boss in this sector by creating unique designs then photoshop should be your choice. self before you choose one of them in comparison between Canva vs Photoshop.