Sendinblue vs Moosend- Which Is Best For Email Marketing ?

When businesses are running online, there are many things that business owners need to take care of carefully and with complete dedication and effort. When things are about promoting the business to the target audiences, it is a severe case then. There are many ways a company can use to connect with its audience and get leads. One of the most successful methods of how a business can connect with the target audience and generate leads is by email marketing. Email marketing benefits are abundant. Moreover, many email marketing tools, like Sendinblue, Moosend, Mailchimp, and loads more. We picked and researched Sendinblue vs Moosend.


Sendinblue vs moosend

What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is famous for the phrase or tagline that ‘all-in-one platform. Via Sendinblue, business owners can enjoy services like email marketing, SMS Marketing, Customer Chat service, CRM, Marketing Automation, Transaction Email, Segmentation, then conversion services like landing pages, signup forms, Facebook Ads, and more services like open & click-through reports, email heat map, A/B Testing, real-time statistics, send-time optimization, API and plugins.

Sendinblue provides services under the categories of communication, personalization, conversion, improvement, and integration. So indeed, Sendinblue is a beneficial tool.

Why Is Sendinblue Different From Other Tools?


Sendinblue is different from other tools because of its easy-to-use interface. The dashboard of Sendinblue is spotless and straightforward to navigate.

When users create a new campaign with Sendinblue, they can choose between various types of editors such as drag-and-drop, rich text, and HTML, which can help design new campaigns.


What Is Moosend?

Moosend is the tool whose sole and primary focus is on email marketing. Moosend is one of the business driving email marketing service tools with premium provisions.

Via Moosend, one can do multiple email marketing campaigns, manage multiple email lists, design and send newsletters. Moosend also provides automation of emails, personalization of tags, subscription forms, landing pages, and much more.

Moosend gives proper attention to the needs of its customers. That is why they created the platform in a user-friendly manner. Many features can be customized according to the customers’ needs and wants. Moosend is a perfect tool for everything a business needs and grows its revenue with email marketing.


Why Is Moosend Different From Other Tools?


A business owner whose primary focus is on branding and connecting with its leads will adore the feature that they can send their signature inside the email. However, this is a must-have requirement in Moosend.

Moosend provides a lot of different types of tools and features for creating and designing campaigns. Moosend’s tracking and analytics tools are outstanding compared to all the other tools.


Comparisons between Sendinblue and Moosend

Let Us Tell About The Features


When it comes to features, Sendinblue comes up with multitudinous features for its customers. Plentiful and essential features of Sendinblue are; email marketing, email monitoring, AB Testing, Analytics/ROI Tracking, archiving & retention, auto-responders, campaign analytics, channel management, contact database, content management, customizable call-to-actions, data recovery, drip campaigns, dynamic content, event-triggered actions, image library, landing pages, web forms, lead management and qualification, list management, mobile-optimized emails.


And more features such as multi-campaign, queue management, reporting and analytics, response management, routing, segmentation, shared inboxes, signature management, social media integration, spam blocker, subscriber management, template management, website visitor tracking, a WYSIWYG editor, and whitelisting/blacklisting.


These are all the features of Sendinblue.




The features of Moosend are as follows; email marketing, building and personalizing emails, automated responses of emails, email list management, sending outbound emails, high volume of sending emails, managing email deliverability, AB testing, Analytics/ROI Tracking, auto-responders, customizable CTAs, drip campaigns, dynamic content, event-triggered actions, image library, spam testing and analysis, landing pages, web forms, spam blocker, landing pages and web forms, easy-to-use dashboard.

And more important features such as the robust automation feature, segmentation, personalization, loads of free templates of email newsletters, integration with multiple social media platforms, subscription forms, AL marketing automation, import data, and much more.


Moosend is a tool where one can find all the essential features needed for email marketing.

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Categories of Sendinblue vs Moosend


After our research, we listed that-


Sendinblue falls under campaign management software, email management software, email marketing software, marketing automation software, and transactional email software.


Moosend falls under the categories of email management software, email marketing software, and marketing automation software.


Pricing Differences Between Sendinblue vs Moosend




Sendinblue Free Plan

Through the free plan of Sendinblue, one can send 300 emails a day which means 9000 emails a month. And one can save unlimited contacts here. Sendinblue says that people new to Sendinblue shall use this to get started and learn about the platform.


Sendinblue Lite Plan

The pricing of the Lite plan starts from 25 USD, and the monthly email volume is from 10k to 100k plus. Lite version users can send 10,000 emails a month. One can also custom the plan and calculate the price. This Lite is perfect for new marketers.


Sendinblue Premium Plan

The premium version of Sendinblue is the best solution for marketing pros. The pricing of the Premium plan starts from 65 USD a month, and the monthly email volume is from 20k to 1000k plus. Premium version users can send 20,000 emails a month. One can also custom the plan and calculate the price.


Sendinblue Enterprise Plan

This pricing plan is the best for large companies that have custom plans, needs, and wants. For a business that needs more advanced features, the enterprise plan is for them.



The pricing of Sendinblue is based on the number of emails sent and not the contacts one keeps in the account. Sendinblue does not provide free trials; instead, one can use the free version.




Moosend Free Plan

The free plan of Moosend is the best for businesses that have 1000 subscribers. Using the free program, one can send an unlimited amount of emails to its customers.


Moosend Pro Plan

The Moosend Pro plan is most popular among people. It starts from 8 USD a month.


Moosend Custom Plan

The Moosend custom plan is beneficial for many businesses. The customization offers everything that one needs.



There is an exciting feature on the pricing page of Moosend, and there is a subscriber count slider using which you can plan and see your pricing. Moosend does not provide any free trial because one can use their free account plan.



Differences between Sendinblue vs Moosend


  • There is an SMS marketing service in Sendinblue.
  • Moosend has various content blocks in the drag and drops email editor.
  • Sendinblue is a customer management software along with an email marketing service.
  • Moosend is only an email marketing tool. Best for organizing everything with email.
  • Via Sendinblue, one can integrate with loads of platforms.
  • Moosend provides detailed analytics to all the users along with free users.
  • The analytics of Sendinblue are limited in the free plan.



Who Can Use Sendinblue vs Moosend?


Freelancers, small size businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises can use either Sendinblue or Moosend.


Pros and Cons




  1. Sendinblue is easy to use and navigate. The dashboard is simple, clean, and easy to manage.
  2. The features of contact management, filtering, and segmentation are outstanding.
  3. The best part is that it provides services related to email marketing and much more than that.
  4. Growing business with Sendinblue can make life easier and hassle-free, as one gets many features and services here.
  5. The platform is very speedy and works flawlessly.
  6. Sendinblue is a user-friendly tool to use.



  1. The customer service is not available 24/7, which is why some customers face issues regarding zone differences. But the support helps right away when it is active.
  2. The free plan does not allow AB testing in Sendinblue.
  3. Sendinblue does not show full analytics in the free plan.





  1. The customer service is the best. Nothing can beat the 24/7 customer support of Moosend.
  2. The free account itself comes up with multiple features and tools. No other email marketing tool in the market can beat this.
  3. The pricing is very much affordable.
  4. The analytic stuff in the back end helps the users a lot.
  5. The automation service is very smooth, flawless, professional, and high-quality service.
  6. The editing elements in the email editor are unique.



  1. Moosend does not have their mobile app yet. So users must have a computer or laptop for using Moosend.
  2. One can not build landing pages in the free version.
  3. The integration with apps is limited.



Final Verdict


After our deep research and analysis, we came up with some conclusions regarding both tools. Businesses should choose Moosend if their primary concern is email marketing, as it is a dedicated email marketing tool. And companies should choose Sendinblue if they want a tool that works best for email marketing and other digital marketing strategies. Both the tools are doing great from their perspectives.


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