Audiense providing two types of services (1) Audiense Insights (2) Audiense Connect

Audiense gives a deep insight so that you can find your targeted audience easily. The power Insights deeply research the audience’s intention, interest, and what they are talking about. Forget the traditional segmentation and improve your business strategies to the next level with automatic segmentation based on profile, job title, interest, and so on. This powerful insight will show you the targeted audience and you will be able to know about audiences who are interested in your business. This is the world’s most powerful and popular Twitter marketing tool. The easiest way to manage Twitter profiles and get audience insights deeply. Several social media marketing tools are available in the industry but audiense is one of the supreme tools. Improve your Twitter engagement and get the targeted customers.




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Features Recommendations
  • Individual influencer identafication
  • Data exporting with pre-made report templates
  • Automatic audience segmentation
  • Deep insights of audiences mindset
  • Media planning
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Twitter chatbot setup
  • Community administration and analysis
  • Get twitter tailored audiences
  • Compare with segments
  • Cookies based segments
✔️ Audiense understands the audience who are possible customers for your business. Put your business to the next level with audiense insights.

✔️ In the process of segmentation, they apply a huge number of filters and finds targeted audiences for your business. Forget about traditional segmentation and save your time and money.

✔️ Use the world’s most affluent insights and connect with the focused audience on Twitter directly.

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