Publer is a must-have social media account management tool for social media managers or personal use. Nowadays social media marketing is the most popular marketing platform in the field of digital marketing. There are a large number of tools are available to manage social media account management. You will be able to manage your all social media account on one platform by using publer. If you are a freelancer or digital marketing agency then this tool is essential for you.



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Features Recommendations
  • Free account for lifetime
  • Auto schedule with unlimited post
  • You can create a bulk schedule from CSV file
  • At one dashboard, you can see your all social accounts reach and engagements
  • Automatically recycle your most engaging content
  • Automatic signature and watermarking system
  • Easy media upload only by URL
  • Lots of features are available


✔️ Publer is the best social media marketing tool for the beginner as well as professional. You can manage here the maximum account just for free.

✔️ Let’s manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn by a superhero.

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